About Us
Albion Aviation Advisory is an independent consultancy dedicated to the aviation industry.

Albion Aviation's founder, Graham Henderson, established the business following a successful 20+ year career in the airline industry and as a Principal at SH&E for 13 years.

Graham Henderson's airline career included senior management positions with Continental Airlines, British Airways, British Caledonian Airways and Dan-Air. He has lived and worked in Belgium, Netherlands and Nigeria as well as the United Kingdom and United States.

He now lives and works in Northern Virginia and also has a home in Southeast England. His worldwide airline and consulting experience includes assignments throughout the UK/Europe, Middle East/Gulf, Africa, South & Central America, Caribbean, South Asia and Pacific regions, as well as the United States. He has extensive experience working in different religious, cultural and social environments.

Graham Henderson has over 30 years of management and consultancy experience in airline operations, business development and strategic planning, business process re-engineering, marketing, sales & distribution, organization planning, financial analysis, route network development, aircraft evaluation, and establishing strategic partnerships and alliances to their best advantage. He specializes in airline restructuring and privatization and has participated in several recent assignments as the lead Technical Advisor. Recent restructuring and privatization assignments have included airlines in the South Pacific, Middle East, Africa, South America and South Asia. He also provides route development and marketing support for airports. Mr. Henderson possesses a profound understanding of the airline and aviation industry and the regulatory infrastructure that supports it, as well as the increasingly important safety and security requirements.